English Information

The IntEF-U.A.N. was founded in February 2001 as a legally responsible foundation of civil right. The foundation is located in Hanover and serves non-profit purposes, only.
The main objective of the IntEF-U.A.N. is, according to its statute, the promotion of nature conservation in Germany and abroad.
Organs of the foundation are the executive committee and the board of trustees.
The executive committee and the board of trustees will be supported by the foundation`s advisory council.
An honorary manager leads the business of the foundation.
The Foundation IntEF-U.A.N. is a member of Foundation Network "Nature Network of Lower Saxony". The linking of environmental and nature conservation foundations in Lower Saxony, was warmly welcomed by the Board of the Foundation and is considered reasonable. For more information about the project "Nature Network of Lower Saxony" initiated by the Lower Saxonian bingo-environment-foundation and funded by the German Environmental Foundation (DBU), please take a look at www.natur-netz-niedersachsen.de.